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How Much Will YOUR Job Cost?

After a short conversation, where we get some specific information about your carpet, it’s condition, and your goals, we can give you an pretty accurate idea of how much your carpet cleaning will cost, and what to expect as a result of your cleaning.

When our technician arrives, he will measure everything and give you an exact price in writing, prior to beginning any work. There are no high-pressure sales tactics used ever! We wouldn’t like that, and I’m sure you wouldn’t either.

Our different service levels are presented like a menu in a restaurant. YOU tell US what you’d like, and we take it from there.

We actually do the work according to the manufacturer’s recommended process, and according to the guidelines outlined by the Clean Trust, which means that we aren’t cutting corners, and you’re getting the kind of service you need to make your carpet look good as long as it can… and to provide a healthy interior environment for your family. We charge fair and reasonable prices to do the job right.

This means our prices end up being fairly middle-of-the-road. We aren’t the highest priced… nor are we the lowest. Instead, we concentrate on doing a great job and providing real value to our customers… which keeps them coming back again and again!

Be Careful Of Too-Good-To-Be-True Low Cost Ads!

All carpet cleaners have pretty much the same costs of doing business-

If a carpet cleaner is advertising a cheap price, it means one of two things:

We have fixed prices, no matter who calls, and we charge a fair price for the work we do… Without any annoying sales games in the home.

We’ve found that people really appreciate that.

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