Denver Residue Free Carpet Cleaning

Our process leaves no residue and rinses out residue left behind by other carpet cleaners.

Many carpet cleaners clean carpet with soapy water. They shoot the soapy water into the carpet under pressure, and vacuum it out.

Here’s the problem:

Imagine you were washing your hair, and you put soapy water into your hair and worked up a thick sudsy lather… But instead of rinsing all that soap out, you just dried it with a towel!

Can you imagine the sticky mess that would leave behind? Can you imagine how stringy and lifeless your hair would be if it had all that soap in it?

Well, that’s what many carpet cleaners do to your carpet!

But not us.

We use an exclusive two-step process, where we apply the detergent in a separate step and let it soak in and soften up all the soil in your carpet…

Then, we thoroughly rinse everything with a clear-water rinse that not only rinses all the soil out… but rinses ALL of the detergent out as well!

This leaves your carpets soft, clean, lustrous, fluffy, and absolutely residue-free!

Like they were when they were new.

This process takes a little longer, but it provides a superior result, and it’s the process recommended by your carpet’s manufacturer. That’s important, because it won’t void your carpet’s warranty, unlike many other cleaning processes can.

It’s just one more thing that sets us apart, and we thought you’d like to know!