Professional Carpet Cleaning…Our Carpet Cleaning Process

Here’s How We Give YOU The Best Cleaning Possible!

It’s a process that guarantees a professional service experience and 100% complete client satisfaction.

In addition, our ten-step cleaning process follows the manufacturer’s recommended cleaning process, which is important because it won’t void your carpet’s warranty.

It speeds drying, leaves no residue, and protects your home and furnishings!

There are ten steps in our carpet cleaning process:

Step 1: Protect Home and Furnishings









Step 2: Pre-Vacuum, Edges Too!









Step 3: Move Furniture









Step 4: Treat Stubborn Spots









Step 5: Pre-Condition Carpet









Step 6: Extract / Clear-Water Rinse









Step 7: Clean Baseboards









Step 8: Block and Tab Furniture








Step 9: Re-Apply Carpet Protector









Step 10: Re-Set Pile and Speed-Dry









We’re the Metro Denver Carpet Cleaners You Can Trust

Doug Meehan has combined the hardest working bunch of guys with the best techniques and a 100% residue free cleaning process to achieve the safest and most thorough carpet cleaning possible.



Pro-Tek is a quality company with which to work. They world around my schedule, provide excellent service, and ask about follow-up items, i.e. spot removal solution. One time my carpets look clean; however as the carpet dried, several spots re-surfaced. The next day Pro-Tek was ‘on the scene’ demolishing the stubborn spots. This time when the carpet dried, it was spotless! My carpets stay clean longer because of the sport resistant spray and the excellent spot remover solution left with me. The 6 month touch-up cleaning helps to protect my carpets over the years. My carpets are still clean after raising two boys and two dogs!

Nancy Clary, Teacher
Conifer, Colorado

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Although a lot of companies use truck mounted machines, Rocky Mtn Pro-Tek is certified by the Clean Trust. We are experts who have been to school, been educated and actually earned a degree in carpet cleaning!

Anyone who can buy a machine and cleaning products can go out and clean carpets, but if they don’t know what they’re doing, they can do more harm than good.

You wouldn’t want an inexperienced mechanic who doesn’t know what they’re doing working on your Mercedes. Your carpet is an expensive investment, too. Carpet cleaners are in your home, which is most likely your most expensive investment of all.

You don’t want someone who might steal from you or someone who will ruin your carpet in your home. That is why it’s so important to use a company you can trust, like Rocky Mtn Pro-Tek.

We care about you as our client and we take great satisfaction in doing an outstanding job for you.

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