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“Take The White Towel Test…”

Try this: Try putting a clean white towel on the floor just inside your front door. Walk on it. Track stuff in on it. Let the dog sleep on it. Spill stuff on it… Now here’s the question: How long would it last? I mean how long would it stay clean? A month? A week… Couple of days maybe? Here the point: Your carpet gets just as dirty as that towel does! Except if you’re like most people, it’s been a year or more since you last had it cleaned.

Your carpet is just like a big filter in your home. It traps dust, pollen, bacteria… stuff you track in from the street. It traps everything! It’s actually designed to (That’s why homes with carpeting have 27% less dust on average than homes with hard floors). But what happened to all that dust, pollution, and bacteria? It had to go somewhere… That’s right! It’s trapped in your carpet. And now your family is living on it!

“What If Your Carpets Don’t Look Dirty?”
Studies have shown that if you have an average brown carpet, your carpet can hold up to NINE pounds of dirty in a single square yard (that’s an area of 3 feet by 3 feet). Nine Pounds!!! WITHOUT EVEN LOOKING DIRTY! It’s crazy, but most people change the air filter in their car more often than they get a good professional carpet cleaning! When you walk across your carpet, you stir this stuff into the air, and your family breathes it. This can complicate asthma, irritate your lungs and can even make some people sick!



Very positive! All very professional and friendly. Helpful! I was delighted with the cleaning by Mtn. Pro-Tek. They went the extra mile to get my carpets cleaned and worked hard on removing difficult stains and spots (most successfully removed I might add!) I felt comfortable having them in my house working. Personable! I will definitely use Mtn. Pro-Tek again in the future and will not hesitate to recommend Mtn. Pro-Tek to my friends. I like the way I was treated from the first phone call. I feel you wanted my business and worked quickly to gain my trust and confidence. I have no complaints! Thank you!
Retired psychologist, Marta Rodeheffer
Evergreen, Colorado

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“Don’t Fall Into The Trap”
Let’s say you had a suit of clothes that cost $1,000 dollar or more… and they were marked, ‘Professional Dry Clean Only.’ Is there any way you’d go down to the local dry cleaners without any training and try and use their equipment to clean it yourself? No Way! Would you let someone else with some equipment… but no training clean your suit? Sadly, less than 30% of ‘professional’ carpet cleaners have ever attended any kind of class, read a book, or ever attended even a two-hour seminar on how to clean carpet. They have some carpet cleaning equipment (some of it’s good, some of it’s used and run-down, it depends on the company), but most carpet cleaners haven’t had any more training than you have! Everything they’ve learned, they’ve learned through ‘experience’ and making mistakes on other people’s carpets. What kind of plan is that?

In fact, most carpet cleaners DO NOT follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for cleaning and many unknowingly void the carpet’s warranty. They can over wet the carpet, use too much pressure, too much heat, or use chemicals that are so harsh they damage the fibers. The carpets can look clean when they leave, but within a few days, weeks, or months, the carpets can have real problems. Sometimes these problems can’t be fixed!

“You’ll Save Money!”
Pick up the phone and call 303-674-4442 RIGHT NOW to get the best cleaning you’ve ever had. I personally guarantee it. I’ll stand behind it 100%. And if there’s any way to do it, we’ll make your carpets look wonderful.



1. Q: What training and experience do you have that makes you the expert in carpet cleaning?
    A: I am certified by the Clean Trust as a Master Cleaner. I have over 20 years of experience in the carpet cleaning industry. We also specialize in restorative cleaning of area rugs and handmade textiles, because of this specialty, we are very qualified to clean carpets.

2. Q: How do the Bait and Switch Companies Deceive Their Customers?
    A: They use ridiculously low price offers to get the customers to call. The customer thinks they are going to get their carpets cleaned for a low price, (usually $10 to $20 per room, or $99 for either the whole house, or a large portion of the house.) Then, when in the home, the customer finds out that the price they thought they were going to pay includes a very limited cleaning process, and the customer is told that their carpet requires a more expensive process to get their carpets clean. They often end up paying several times more money than they were expecting.

3. Q: How do Bait And Switch Companies Get Away With These Practices
    A: Many times, customers don’t realize they’re dealing with a bait and switch company until it’s too late. Many times, they need their carpets cleaned for an upcoming event and they simply don’t have time to find another cleaner. In addition, customers have often taken time off work and they don’t want the inconvenience of trying to find another cleaner and make another appointment. Bait and switch carpet cleaners count on this!

4. Q: What would be some of the things that would tip off a consumer that they are dealing with a bait and switch company?
    A: Very low advertised price… Technician will attempt to up-sell consumer for even basic services or products such as soap.

5. Q: When a carpet cleaner is in a consumers home what would alert a consumer that this company is not to be trusted?
    A: No uniform, no proof of certification in the areas of the work to be performed, shoddy appearance of technician, van and equipment. Attempts to charge more for cleaning than the advertising indicated it would be.

6. Q: What will a carpet cleaner do to try to convince a consumer that they must have costly extras?
    A: Tell them that the work is not guaranteed if they don’t purchase extras. Some cleaners have actually threatened customers!

7. Q: How can a consumer protect themselves from a carpet cleaning rip off?
    A: Always check to be sure the company they want to use is certified by the Clean Trust. Listen to my FREE recorded consumer awareness message @ 1-800-353-1766 for a LOT more information.

8. Q: Are you a member of any trade associations that are working to eliminate bait and switch tactics?
    A: Absolutely. Rocky Mtn. Pro Tek is Clean Trust Certified; Master Cleaner Certification #20945. We are also an active member of the PCUCA (Professional Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners Association).

9. Q: What questions do you recommend that a consumer ask a Carpet Cleaning Company to determine if they are an ethical Company?
    A: Do you guarantee your work 100% unconditionally? Can you prove that you and your company are certified? Are you a member of any trade associations? Do you have testimonials and references from satisfied clients?

10. Q: How do people get in touch with you?
    A: We have several methods available for contact; choose the method most convenient for you:
Phone: 303-674-4442 or 303-838-5661 8am-5pm Monday-Friday
Fax: 303-838-4786
Email: Send us a message here
Consumer line: 1-800-353-1766
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