How To Successfully Remove Pet Urine From Carpet And Prevent Future Soiling

When you have pets, you are bound to have accidents. This is just part of the experience. When these accidents happen, it is very important to attend to them promptly and eradicate them completely. This will help keep your carpet looking and smelling its best. It will also help prevent your pet from getting the idea that a particular area of your carpet is the right place to urinate. In this article, we will discuss some steps you can take to remove urine stains and smells from carpeting. Read on to learn more.
First, pet training is the most important step in keeping your carpet clean. If your pet is a dog, learn about crate training and apply it consistently to train your dog as to when and where it is appropriate to relieve him/her self.

If your pet is a cat, ferret or rabbit provide a litter box and keep it clean so that your pet will be more likely to use the box than the carpet.

When an accident does occur, be sure to clean it up right away. It’s a good idea to keep a hand held wet/dry vacuum or wet/dry shop vac on hand. Vacuum up the urine then apply a carpet cleaning product that is designed to clean up pet urine. Vacuum again.

At this point, your job may be done; however, you may wish to perform a final step. Saturate the stain with a old-fashioned, amber Listerine (or a knock off). Vacuum this up. The mouthwash completely kills the odor of urine and acts as a repellent to keep your pet away from the area. This will help prevent future accidents in the same area.

Always be gentle with your pet regarding accidents. With patience, proper training techniques and quick and complete cleanup, you will be able to keep this problem under control.