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An awful lot can happen to a carpet…

While many cleaners would have you believe that carpet cleaning is all the same, it isn’t… not at all! Spots, paint, grease, ink, wear patterns, fading, traffic lanes, bleaching, food dyes, pet stains… the list goes on and on.

We can remove or correct many of these problems. But each one requires a different focus, and often a different approach to the cleaning process.

Many cleaners have a fixed price, and they come in and make a one-size-fits-all attempt to clean, and whatever comes out, comes out… and whatever is left behind, is left behind!

This isn’t just an internet transaction. After all, you’re going to have someone in your home doing the work, and it’s important that you have a realistic idea of what to expect when you do.

We want to accurately answer all your questions about our process and our pricing.

For that reason, we don’t give quotes out by email. By having a simple conversation on the phone, we’re much more able to give you an accurate idea of what we can… and maybe more importantly, what we can’t do, to restore your carpeting.

It’s one of those personal touches that our customers tell us that they like most about our service. Please call us now at 303-674-4442. OR fill out the form below and let us know when the best time to call you back is, and we’ll be in touch.