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Professional!!! Your tech, quick appointment accommodation, and incredible follow-ups are all at the highest level of great customer service. I will use your service again and refer you to anyone I can! Very thoughtful and courteous service from answering office—main phone line and from the tech that cleaned my carpet. Feeling like a “valuable” customer to a company that strives for excellent customer service!

Kathryn Greene, Business Manager
Confier, Colorado

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Download this $20 in Fiber Bucks RIGHT NOW to use toward the best cleaning you’ve ever had. We personally guarantee it. We’ll stand behind it 100%. And if there’s any way to do it, we’ll make your carpets look wonderful.

Doug & Debbie Meehan, Owners, Rocky Mtn. Pro-Tek, Inc.

You will immediately get another $20 in Fiber Bucks every time you refer a friend, relative, co-worker or neighbor who uses our service.

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How to Easily Refer Rocky Mtn. Pro-Tek

Referrals from clients like you are our primary method of advertising. Referrals from great clients like you are how we grow our business.

Please allow me to introduce to you our ‘Free Carpet Cleaning Club’.

I’ve just created Fiber Bucks. They’re my own private currency. I’ll give these dollars to you whenever you refer business to me. For every person that you send me who becomes a paying client, I’ll pay you $20.00 in Fiber Bucks. And every time your Fiber Bucks total $100.00 or more, I’ll redeem those dollars for CASH. Or, if you prefer, you can use them toward a carpet or upholstery cleaning for a friend or relative, as a gift, or for yourself. They may be used individually toward any of our cleaning services. So you risk nothing — and you have everything to gain!

You’ll Be Able to Give All Your Referrals a Free Gift!

To get started, simply download “Fiber Bucks” to give to your referrals. Both they and we will know it’s from you because your name will be printed right on the Fiber Buck! This way you can be sure to get credit and “Fiber Bucks” for your referral after they use our service.

Plus I back all my work, as you know, with a 100% Money-Back Guarantee! Yes, that’s right, if after cleaning someone’s home they are not completely delighted, I’ll re-clean it for free. If they’re still not satisfied, I’ll refund every cent. If someone is not happy, they don’t pay.

Giving referrals is simple but we would just like to clarify some things that will make it easy for you.

Our Ideal Affordable Carpet Cleaning Client

Ideal clients are people who are homeowners and who are uninterested in cleaning their own carpet using cheap, ineffective do-it-yourself rental machines. They may also have had a bad experience with unethical or low quality carpet cleaners in the past and are nervous about hiring anyone else.

How to Talk About What We Do

The best way to describe what we do is; simply tell them of your experience with us. Then, tell them we help homeowners by providing high quality professional carpet cleaning. We guarantee our work with a 100% No Risk, Money-Back Guarantee. We deliver the highest level of customer service and make it a hassle-free experience.

Other Services We Provide…

How We Handle Your Referrals

After your referral receives the Fiber Bucks from you they can call the office to arrange their Carpet Cleaning (or any other service we perform). We will then go to their home to perform the cleaning. We’re there to please them!

It’s All Risk Free

To make sure you know, and the people you refer know, I back all my work with a 100% Money-Back Guarantee! Again, if after cleaning someone’s home they are not completely delighted, I’ll re-clean it for free. If they’re still not satisfied, I’ll refund every cent. If someone is not happy, they don’t pay.

Last But Definitely Not Least

We will treat your referrals with total dignity and respect, just as I hope you feel we have treated you. We make friends, not enemies. We promise to do everything we possibly can to make your referring people to us a Win-Win-Win for everyone involved.

I look forward to helping your referrals the very best way I can.


Doug Meehan
Owner, Rocky Mtn. Pro-Tek

P.S. Just hand the Fiber Bucks out to your friends and neighbors, or mail it to them. You will get $20.00 in Fiber Bucks for every person that becomes a paying client. Thank you for referring our company.